Monday, December 28, 2009

Matt 17:13 Babe soon to be nailed to a tree

Matt 17:13 Babe soon to be nailed to a tree
So also, the Son of Man is about to suffer at their hands


Looking into the future

Isn’t it strange to know the future of a child? Each time we visit a crib of Bethlehem we can see also at the cross: ‘babe soon to be nailed to a tree’. In a short time the baby born in such poverty and love would be killed by the evil which was not too far away at his birth.

We know little of the future when we watch a new-born baby, but we can presume that every life will have its mixture of joy and sorrow, suffering and pleasure.

The God made human is no different.

We touch the full reality of life in the baby of Mary and in the care of Joseph. We hope for the best for our children, and know that God cares as much for every child as he cared for Jesus, in birth as well as in death. We hope to introduce them to knowledge of Jesus with his message of hope in good times and bad.

Jesus, Lord of life, give us hope.
Jesus, carrier of hope, give us joy.
Jesus, joy of God, make our hearts like yours

A prayer today for parents, our own and parents we care for.

Source: Praying in Advent by Donal Neary SJ

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