Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We should be called children of God

SCRIPTURE 1 John 3:1

See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.


I am not talking about the false certitude of salvation that some claim to possess but I am talking about having a basis for salvation. Hope is the assurance that we possess.

When God conferred the dignity of fatherhood on me, he gave me five of the most wonderful kids in the universe.
When He gave those five kids to me, he gave me an additional gift I didn’t know at the time and that is the gift of assurance of true salvation.
I became certain of one thing I can’t possibly love my kids more than God loves his.
And it does me so much good to think about that.
I can’t love my kids more than God loves his and I can’t begin to describe how much I love my kids.

Sometimes though I still have doubts.
Sometimes I still need assurance then I approach the Lord in prayer and say ”But how do I know I am your kid?”
I know abstractly that you love your kids more than I love mine but how do I know I am one of them”.

The Holy Spirit turns that question around and says “Well how do your kids know that they are your kids?”

I reply, that’s easy.
First of all they live in my house.
Second, they are called by my name, they are called Hahn’s.
Third, they sit at my table.
Fourth, they are my flesh and blood
Fifth, my bride (wife Kimberley) is their mother
Sixth, we are always celebrating together (birthdays, anniversaries and vacations); and
Seventh, I discipline them and I don’t discipline the neighbours kids.

Well the Holy Spirit takes those seven points and says “Scott, look into my Word and what do you find?”

You live in my house (Eph 2, Heb 3). The Church that Jesus established, the one worldwide church is God’s household.
You are called by my name Scott, at Baptism – You were called by the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I call you a child and you call God Abba
Third, you sit at my table – the Lord was sitting at the table when he instituted the Eucharist. The Mass is when we gather as God’s family and we sit at His table.
You share my flesh and blood the Lord says to me, because that’s Holy Communion.
My bride is your mother. The Church is the Bride of Christ, but it is Mater Ecclesiae, Mother Church
We are always celebrating together, especially Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, feast days, and
Seventh: The Lord disciplines us, not only through our sufferings but especially through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

I don’t give my kids more solid grounds for assurance than God has given His.
God has given us even greater grounds for assurance that we are His beloved children than any parent has ever given his children.

Source: Scott Hahn
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